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May / June 2003

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Flood Features and News


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May 2001 Southern African Floods
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News from the May 2001 Southern African Floods

From the BBC World Service

Mississippi towns braced for floods
US residents living along the already swollen Mississippi River are preparing to face further flooding as a weekend of rain is forecast.

Mozambique's flooding causes economy to ebb
The Mozambican government has further revised its figures on economic growth as the full effects of last year's catastrophic flooding has become clear.

Angolan government to aid flood victims
The Angolan government says it has set up an emergency commission to deliver aid to victims of floods around the country.

Luanda floods kill 17, thousands homeless
The authorities in the Angolan capital, Luanda, say at least 17 people have died in a heavy storm which hit the city over the weekend.

Ukraine-Hungary flood pact
Hungary and Ukraine say they will work jointly to tackle floods which have swept across their border regions recently.

Angola floods kill five
Reports from Angola say five people have died and twenty others are missing following floods around the southern town of Namibe.

Donors 'slow' with relief to Malawi
Malawian President Bakili Muluzi wants a quicker response from donor nations to help repair the flood damage.

Key Sites on the Mozambique and Malawi Floods

Visit the Mozambiquan Government site for the latest information

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Mozambique Flood Information Page
Maintained by the US Geological Survey


Integrated Regional Information Networks

UN Office for the
Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs


Papers presented at the 1st WARFSA / WaterNet Symposium "SUSTAINABLE USE OF WATER RESOURCES; ADVANCES IN EDUCATION AND RESEARCH Hotel Polana, Maputo, Mozambique; 1-2 November 2000

         Key-note: A. CARMO VAZ:  Coping with floods -the experience of Mozambique

         M.J. TUMBARE: Mitigating floods in Southern Africa


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